Can cannabis actually help in curing cancer? Is it useful in alleviating the ill-effects of chemotherapy? Cancer and the associated symptoms are one of the reasons why people start seeking medical cannabis advice. Sadly, there is not enough research on this subject that validates the statements made by people regarding the effectiveness of this plant. Nevertheless, an increasing number of preclinical studies signify that cannabis has garnered a place in people’s everyday lives for a good reason. Here’s all you wanted to know about Marijuana its ability to treat cancer.

4 Ways Cannabis Can Kill Cancer Cells:

During the past few years, medical scientists have shown keen interest in finding more about the effectiveness of Marijuana in treating cancer. Initiatives by many countries have led to some ground-breaking discoveries during the pre-clinical testing. Cell lines as well as animal examination have highlighted four ways in which cancer cells can be destroyed by cannabis. They are:

  1. Antiproliferative

Pre-clinical studies signify that the cannabis bears an antiproliferative impact on the cancer cells. In usual cases of cancer, whenever left to their own self, the cells simply keep on growing and multiplying.

Among the characteristics of an effective anti-cancer medication is its capability to restrict the malignant cells from growing. As it so happens, compounds extracted from the cannabis have proven to be beneficial in reducing the spread of cancer cells.

  1. Anti-angiogenic

A tumor needs to eat in order to survive. They take away nutrients as well as oxygen from nutrient-rich parts of the body by formulating their own new blood vessels. This occurrence is referred to as angiogenesis and is one of the ways in which a tumor spreads itself.

In both laboratory as well as animal research, cannabis extracted components have efficiently impeded the continuing growth of new blood vessels. This cut down the food source of tumors and propels death by deprivation.

  1. Anti-metastatic

Metastasis is an occurrence of cancer cells traveling from one place in the body to the other and building their home there. This is why any person diagnosed with lung cancer might end up getting cancer of the breast, brain, or perhaps some other.

Metastatic cancer cannot be easily cured, and curbing metastasis is an additional primary goal for manufacturers of anti-cancer medications. As you might possibly speculate, research on Marijuana signifies that it can inhibit the cancer cells from growing and sticking to new healthier ones.

  1. Pro-apoptotic

The last way Marijuana can kill cancer cells is by suicide. Yes, you read it right! Therapy with cannabis constituents triggers the cancer cells to exterminate themselves. The scientific terminology of this occurrence is apoptosis, a natural ability of cells in our body.

In a healthy individual, cells which are affected or worn out can undergo process of automated cell death. However, somehow, cancer cells do not respond to indicators that may usually lead them to self-destruct.

Animal research and human cell line has discovered that cannabis elements activate the process of apoptosis in the cells affected by cancer. This last blow, in fact, exterminates the cells. Researchers have confirmed that cannabis medication is effective in killing cancer cells in mice, rats and other rodents.

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