Medical cannabis is not for everyone. Not anyone with a small headache can go to a doctor and demand a prescription for medical cannabis. Medical cannabis is something that is only available to a very limited number of people in the whole population. Medical cannabis is not for each and every kind of ailment or pain. It can’t be administered to anyone. Only a proper medical practitioner can diagnose you and then he can tell you if indeed medial cannabis is something that will suit you and is appropriate for you considering your situation and medical condition.

There is no fixed rule that tells you when you start taking medical cannabis. There is also no fix criterion to tell who all can actually take it and who all cannot. This basically will depend upon your condition and the decision of your doctor. The doctor can suggest the best course of action for your condition and this way you will be able to decide whether you should choose medial cannabis or not.

Whether you get a prescription for medical cannabis or not depends largely upon the kind of your ailment and the legal aspects related to medical cannabis in the area of your stay. There are many advantages of medical cannabis above normal pain killers. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Safer than chemical medicines – Medical cannabis is safer as compared to other pain killers as cannabis is a natural material and does not have as many long term ill-effects as the other chemical based pain killers. So, medical cannabis is a better idea for some patients.
  • Relaxes the mind – Medical cannabis helps in relaxing the mind and making the patient feel comfortable. As it has a calming effect on the mind, it is considered a better option that just pain killers and other medicines.
  • Placebo effect – There have been some studies to show that medical cannabis has placebo effect too on the patients. So, medical cannabis can be a preferred option for patients on whom other medicines are not working.
  • Increases mental creativity Medical cannabis also helps in increasing mental creativity. It is great for those who want to have a higher level of creativity in their activities.
  • Helps you focus – Medical cannabis also helps you focus better as it helps make the mind smarter and sharper. So, medical cannabis can be the best way to improve your focus.

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