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Most of you would already know that cannabis is now legal for purchase and usage purposes in Canada. Nevertheless, some of its underrated benefits and outcomes continue to be misunderstood or ignored. Listed below are some of the essential facts that one must know regarding marijuana usage, which are in contrast with the public wisdom:

  1. Consumption of weed could kill you: This is quite incorrect. Consumption of alcohol is responsible for nearly 89,000 deaths in Canada on a yearly basis and usage of tobacco causes about 490,000 deaths in a year. Now, this would be shocking for most that weed kills a total of zero individuals every year. For the majority of people, cannabis brings no life-threatening situations. Isn’t it a bit strange that the drug which causes the minimum deaths continues to be illegal in most of the countries? Things should change now – it’s high time!
  2. People who smoke weed are dangerous: This again is a huge misconception. Hundreds and thousands of drug offenders who are non-violent are facing life-term imprisonment without parole. Provided that the stigma pertaining to stoners being dangerous continues to persist amongst people, marijuana would stay illegal and even more people will be thrown away in the jail for possessing it. Studies have claimed that people who smoke weed show non-violent behavior and it tends to calm their minds.
  3. Marijuana – a gateway drug: Well, this isn’t true at all! The fact is that the majority of stoners do not even continue puffing marijuana. There isn’t any kind of proven evidence that indicates weed encouraging the usage of other drugs. People who smoke weed might be more likely to consume other kinds of drugs; however, this does not imply that smoking weed actually causes them to do so. There can be a lot of factors which lead to making use of other drugs like penury, prohibition, and connection with people who use hard drugs.
  4. Weed presents no medicinal benefits: This is so not true! It may be a little shocking for a few people but cannabis is used extensively in treating several medical ailments and disorders in people. It has proven to be useful in reducing pain, and provide all-round relaxation to one’s body and mind. Medical practitioners usually prescribe cannabis to treat problems like muscle aches, loss of appetite, Crohn’s disease and seizures. The list does not end here. Cannabis products also do wonders to your skin and hair. There are a lot of cosmetic products that contain cannabis components and are widely used by people.
  5. Weed is totally harmless: Even though weed is way less harmful when compared to other drugs or alcohol, taking in smoke is going to impact the body in some way or the other. Marijuana can result in changes in the functioning of the brain in growing minds under the age group of 20-25. Smoking could increase heartbeat rate and trigger forgetfulness in consumers. Similar to consuming alcohol, regardless of the noticeable disadvantages people must have the liberty to make use of weed if they want to. Provided that they’re conscious of the implications, needless to say. At all times, smoke in a responsible manner. the safest and most convenient way to buy weed online in Canada. We have the highest quality weed and its products for you at the best possible prices.

No one prefers smoking marijuana that has become too dry. As and when that dried out marijuana hits the back of someone’s throat, they would, in all probability, cough a lot. So, what are the best ways to store your weed in order to make sure it remains fresh and retain its proper taste? The answer to all your problems is appropriate storage.
Air, humidity and sunlight can have a drastic impact on the weed. Poor storage can turn a once fresh flower to a dried-out pile of brown-colored dust. Looking for proper ways to store the weed so it remains fresh? It’s not difficult. All it needs is a right container to store.
Listed below are 2 best weed storage options:
Some people who smoke marijuana like to make use of a basic mason while others prefer a specialized pot jar. The fact is that as long as it is a glass that is airtight, you will be good. Air tends to dry out the bud. When your weed is subjected to the air over a period of time, it would make the water content in the leaves to vaporize. After some time, all that would be left are crumbs, which are difficult to puff on. Ensuring the storage of the weed in a glass jar would help in keeping the air out, thereby, retaining its quality and freshness.
Glass is an organic material. It’s furthermore impervious and inert. Whenever you keep products in glass, not a thing will go in and nothing would go out. The things you place inside a glass container remain just as first-class as the time you set them in unless they are exposed to the air again.
Glass likewise doesn’t emit any kind of flavour-changing substances as temperature varies. This clearly makes it the ideal storage option if you want to really enjoy the actual essence of weed as well as retain the freshness.
The drawback? Clear glass doesn’t give protection to your weed from harm caused by the sunlight. Keep the glass containers in a dark cabinet that is not exposed to high temperatures. Light as well as heat, moreover, cause the moisture content in the weed to vaporize. Weed that’s been exposed to the sun throughout the day will get dehydrated and brittle, which makes it uncomfortable to puff on.
Additionally, weed secured inside a container starts to sweat any time it becomes too hot. This will increase the relative moisture content inside the glass jar, making your bud prone to molding. At all times, keep your marijuana in a cool area, faraway from direct light or perhaps any kind of heating factors.
When selecting your glass jar, dimension is important. Ensure that you choose a capacity suitable for the quantity of bud. Weed could decay in a jar that’s too large since surplus air is stuck inside.
Dark and Airtight Jar:
In case, glass isn’t your preference, the next most suitable choice is an airtight metal. To get the ideal preservation of taste, take into consideration titanium. In contrast to other metals, titanium doesn’t ooze any kind of flavour-changing gas with time.
Gasses are likewise the reason it is advisable to avoid using plastics. Although effective briefly, plastics impact the flavor of your bud over a period of time. A lot of plastics are susceptible to even minor variations of temperature. As plastic gets heated up it may emit odoriferous and hazardous chemicals in the bud. We at provide top-shelf cannabis flowers, concentrates, topicals, and tinctures delivered right at your doorstep in Canada. We are a one-stop solution to buying weed online at best prices.

For people experiencing symptoms such as long-term pain, making use of the quickest medical cannabis treatment plan is essential for their ease and comfort.In this article, we’ve outlined the 3 most in-demand ingestion techniques in order of the amount of time they take for the effect to kick in — from quickest to slowest — and provided the choices people have for all the techniques.

  1. Smoking:

Being the quickest ingestion technique, smoking your weed is likewise the most-liked method to consume cannabis — you are going to experience its effects within a couple of minutes. For this reason, there are a lot of choices in this category for ways to smoke your weed, such as:

Vaping: In case you’re seeking the smoking technique that’s good for your overall health, you must buy a vaporizer. These kinds of equipment heat the marijuana instead of burning it, which means you don’t breathe in any kind of burned organic matter.

Joints: Joints incorporate rolling your powdered marijuana just like that in a cigarette. After a couple of hits of a joint, you are going to experience its impact right away — this kind of technique is the most damaging for your lungs, however.

Pipes or Bowls: Making use of a pipe or bowl is probably the simplest method of smoking your cannabis medication. You don’t need to invest in any kind of costly equipment and there is absolutely no cumbersome rolling required.

Bongs:Bongs are a step up from the bowls and pipes. A bong has a longer neck that can help to make the hit considerably less uncomfortable on the consumer’s respiratory tract.

Dabs: Dabbing is considered to be the most-effective approach of consuming medical marijuana since you are using it in a very concentrated form. Nevertheless, you require a couple of elaborate tools like a blowtorch, a ring along with a dab rig, to list a few. The method is fairly complex.

  1. Topical Creams:

Topical creams are products which have been infused with cannabinoids.They are the second-fastest intake technique people employ; however areideal for certain situations. Do you suffer from localized pain in the body? Topical creams can cure any kind of pain, swelling as well as many other skin-related problems.

  1. Edibles

Although consuming cannabis orally is going to take the longest to show its effect, they would also last the longest as compared to other ingestion techniques. The reason being your body has to break down and assimilate the food or perhaps liquid, as usual.

Your choices for consuming marijuana orally comprise of:

Appetizers or Drinks: Marijuana-infused baked products and beverages tend to be the most common type of oral medication people take. You can buy a number of edible snacks ranging from brownies, biscuits to candies. Drinking cannabis can be a little challenging — your choices comprise of brewed weed coffee, tea, wine or beer.

Pills: Cannabis pills are ideal for people who likewise have other medications to take. This form of marijuana helps taking all your medicines at the same time – a lot more convenient.

Sprays or Tinctures: Tinctures are quite concentrated liquefied form of cannabis. You can take them by simply popping some on your tongue and wait for it to dissolve. Sprays are typically tinctures in a sprayer that you may utilize like breath spray.

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With regards to cannabinoids in marijuana, the primary compound THC usually outperforms as being the one that helps in treating anxiety, epileptic conditions and mental disorders. CBD, on the other hand, does not have a lot of evident effects when isolated. When CBD is used with THC, it produces a calming effect that helps in combating all kinds of paranoid feelings or stress that oftentimes can be triggered under the influence. It must be noted that latest research studies on cannabis has helped establish that CBD, as a component, proves to be extremely beneficial in a lot of ways.

  1. Addiction to Cigarettes:In a study, a few smokers were randomly selected and made to use either a placebo or an inhaler having CBD oil. They were asked to take a puff of that inhaler anytime they had a strong urge of puffing a cigarette. In a week’s time, people that made use of placebo noticed no change in the quantity of cigarettes exhausted, while the people who made use of CBD noticed a decrease of about 40% in their intake. This was possible because the CBD inhaler lowered the amount of cigarettes without intensifying their urge for nicotine.
  2. Diabetes: In a study that was conducted on rats with infarcts that were treated with CBD, it was observed that infracts were reduced to 30% after treatment. This suggests that CBD can prove to be highly useful in treating Diabetes.
  3. Acne: A study found out that CBD can prove to be useful in efficiently treating the problem of acne. It targets the human’s sebaceous glands and act as an anti-inflammatory as well as sebostatic agent.
  4. PTSD: It has been established that CBD has anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties. People suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder usually face a lot of stress and panic issues, so they get relief from Cannabidiol. CBD’s anti-psychotic properties present a balanced mental environment for people who require it the most.
  5. Fibromyalgia: Typical medicines used for treating the problem offibromyalgia contain anti-inflammatory properties. A study that was conducted in 2011 revealed that CBD can prove to be useful in treating fibromyalgia. 56 patients were asked to use either CBD or conventional methods for treating this ailment. People who made use of cannabis observed a tremendous reduction in their pain as well as other associated symptoms, while people who used conventional medicines did not witness a lot of improvement.
  6. Crohn’s Disease:A few researches claim that CBD can also bring out best results in curingnumerous bowel problems including Crohn’s Disease. CBD and THC impact the system that regulates the gut function, something that people havingCrohn’s Disease deal with. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD provide great relief in the symptoms of people afflicted by this ailment.
  7. Schizophrenia:In the year 2012, a team of researchers in Germany conducted a study wherein the comparison between potential anti-psychotic CBD and Amisulpride was done by treating 44 patients suffering from schizophrenia with these substances. While both the treatments were successful, nevertheless, Amisulpride had a lot of side effects, too, which was not the case with CBD.

Taking into account all the above-mentioned benefits of CBD, it is best to make use of medical marijuana to treat your medical condition efficiently. We at are a leading and most-trusted online dispensary in Canada providing high-quality strains at affordable prices.

At times, feeling sad is pretty normal for anyone and this feeling tends to go away within a few days. Nevertheless, when a person is suffering from a disorder called Dysthymia, the feeling of depression intrudes one’s day-to-day lifestyle; resulting in pain for both the person as well his/her loved ones. Dysthymia is a persistent depression condition that is long-term and causes a lot of trauma to the patient. It makes the person uninterested in everyday chores, makes him/her suffer from low esteem and also impacts the productivity.

Dysthymia can occur during the childhood or in adulthood depending on person to person. In case of children, it causes them to be more irritable in nature as opposed to being depressed. This condition is more prevalent in women than males.

Even though this condition is not quite severe, it may last for up to 2 years. Thus, it is advised to seek medical assistance as soon as possible because the sooner a patient gets relief, the more will be his chances to recoup quickly.

Factors Causing Dysthymia:

The exact reason behind Dysthymia is yet unknown, however, a few factors tend to amplify the risk of triggering this disorder. These factors can be genetic in nature i.e. the ones that are associated directly with a close relative who has been a patient of depression. Dysthymia has also been linked to existence of personality disorders.

Physical problems like AIDS, sclerosis or hypothyroidism can also cause Dysthymia. If a person is suffering from loss of their near one, financial troubles or has increased stress levels, this disorder can also kick-in tormenting the person furthermore.

Indicators and Symptoms of Dysthymia:

The most common signs and symptoms of the dysthymic disorder are feeling saddened, hopeless, disheartened, guilty, no interest in enjoying things those were once pleasurable, inability to sleep, tiredness, and in worst situations, continuous thoughts about suicide or death. However, in case of children, this disorder may cause irritable nature and depressed thoughts.

Treating Dysthymia with Medical Cannabis:

Medical marijuana has been utilized for hundreds of years to cure people who are afflicted by depressive disorders provided its role in facilitating improvement in the functional facets of life. Medical cannabis is recognized to ease out the stress and anxiety most typically linked to depression. The pain alleviating characteristics of medical marijuana may additionally help in reducing depression, which is linked to persistent pain as well as other conditions.

In accordance with many research studies, patients have testified to medical cannabis presenting comfort to most of their conditions in a lot better way than medicinal drugs and with considerably lesser adverse effects.

Studies also reveal that the cannabinoid CB1 receptor encourages a phenotypic disposition, which is analogous to melancholic depressive disorder, inclusive of indications like losing the desire for food, stress, greater arousal and wakefulness, and hypersensitivity. Moreover, endo-cannabinoid CB1 receptor worked as an antidepressant in a few animal species suffering from depression.

Bottom Line:

The deprivation of the traditional medicines particularly antidepressants makes marijuana the most dependable, safe and effective way of treating demoralizing dysthymia. With further scientific studies and research, we can be in a better position to explicate the intent of this approach in the pathogenesis of depressive disorders.

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